Am happy to share my love for Kim Hyun Joong…


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  1. I read your previous article and wow! I liked how you wrote it and the last one was totally awesome!! I will be totally honest… I stood with him afer Choi’s physical abuse allegations, but when the whole pregnancy came out I was kind of hurt because I thought Hyun Joong got back with the woman who made him go through all this hardish… It took me weeks to put myself together and to actually see the whole picture as what it was… I’ve been reading all the news about this incident and I believed in him long ago… Even before all these discripancies came out… If she is pregnant and the baby is Hyun Joong’s ok we accept that but if she is lying aboug bein pregnant or if she is pregnant and lying about the baby’s paternity she will be in hot water with an entire fandom and with HyunJoong… All I want is KE CEO’s head right now… That man doesn’t deserve to have an easy marriage ceremony until he apologizes… Sorry if i’m being harsh but as of right now KE and its management is a not wanted person

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  2. Iam going to start off by saying what I’ve been saying since the beginning of this whole ordeal, That I don’t believe this woman’s story about him abusing her, she’s way too open about the whole thing from experience I know from experience that when a woman under goes domestic violence they don’t immediately come out with the truth due to fear and tell everyone around them their life story and experiences non the less media. Some of the statements she made about having several other abortions before this, just don’t add up either. To me this was just an act for her to get money and diminish this guys fame. I’m not saying hes an angel but, I am saying that I don’t believer her story


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